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Meet the Staff of Uncle Joe's Auto Sales & Service

Cheryl Luttman - President

810-750-4700   cluttman@josephautogroup.net

Cheryl has worked her way from the switchboard to the owners position. She has held just about every job in the dealership other than technician. Attending Northwood Institute in Automotive Marketing, she is just the person you would want running a dealership. She has run the Chevrolet Store and the Ford Store before electing to disband the new and focus on PreOwned cars. She feels there is a lot more value for her customers. She and Joe are now building a network of stores featuring Cars4Kids. According to Cheryl, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a kid get their first car!! She hopes you will enjoy the new Joseph Auto Sales and visit her store soon in Howell.

Mr. Bean - Floor Greeter


Mr. Bean is our official customer welcome mascot.....when he is at the dealership, he makes it a point to come visit with everyone.....now....he does not talk much, but loves to be petted......he is by far one of our most loyal employee's and always has a great attitude.....

Mitchell Hood - Future Executive

810-750-4700   Mitch@JosephAutoGroup.net

Mitchell gets up every morning with two things on his mind..school, cars and trucks….well I guess that is three. Mitch has always been a huge fan of hanging around the store….when his grandpa was able to get the store back and re-open one of the requirements from Mitch was having his own desk and computer. It won’t be long and he will be asking the old familiar question….Welcome to Joseph, can I help you????

Ben Shumaker - Director

810-7504700   Ben@josephautogroup.net

Ben saw Mitchell's picture and wanted to know why he did not have his picture on the site...he was told because he was not in school yet....guess what....Ben starts school this year.....welcome to the corporate world Ben...!!! Just a small update....Ben is getting all A's in school and his new love is Gymnastics.... You should see that kid do cartwheels in the showroom!!! Of course when Grandma Cheryl is not looking....l.o.l.

Joe Hood - Retired (Former President Joseph Auto Group)

810-750-4700   WeDealOnCars@gmail.com

Joe is now retired out of retirement and back at it....he has a new dream...after losing all the store in 2009 when GM Closed them, he decided to stay in the car biz and is now building a network of 200 stores, all new buildings, called Uncle Joe's Cars4Kids. He is working with private capital. His investors love what he is doing and all arrows on the new business are pointing up. If you would be interested in becoming a dealer or an investor, contact 'ole Uncle Joe at the office or send him an email.

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