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Joseph Auto Sales

Call Uncle Joe, Aunt Cheryl or Cousin Tom!

2860 East Grand River

Howell, MI 48843


These cars are all the new arrivals.....just in and the prices start at $3990 and most of them are below $5990.....if you are looking for a super quality used car with a warranty....STOP just found a ton of them at ole Uncle Joe's in Howell......come see us today.....and the $500.00....that is the minimum down payment on most of our lenders....and the minimum payment is $150.00 a if you have $500.00 to put down.....then CALL UNCLE JOE....I promise I will help....cross my heart and hope to will get financed if you see us....!!!!.......

Here are some things you need to know before you buy a used car. 1. Never buy from a dealer if the cars are not priced on the lot....that is a warning sign. 2. Don' t buy from any dealer that sells his cars "AS IS"...this is another warning sign. 3. If you need help with credit, don't fall for the old line "this is what the bank says you can have"....that is BS. Banks don't pick out cars for customers. 4. Don't settle for high payments and high interest rates....even if you do have some buggers on your credit, the payments and the rates can be low. Just come and see us first. 5. Make sure the dealer has a LPP...Lemon Protection Plan...if they don't...get out....that is the biggest warning sign. Every car we sell is certified and all come with a full year Warranty and we have a full one year LPP. And don't forget our specialty is Cars4Kids!!! We have a great selection of affordable, reliable and safe cars for kids. You just won't find a higher quality dealer than ole Uncle Joe. Come see us today


Type: Bumper-to-Bumper
Term: 1 Year
Miles: 12,000
Warranty Description: All of these cars come with a bumper to bumper warranty......12 months 12,000 miles.....

Vehicle Disclaimer

Due to added equipment or additional repairs prices are subject to change without notice.  Prices in pictures and various websites are subject to the price verification at the time of sale, see your sales consultant for any updated prices.  Management diligently tries to keep prices updated but are not always successful.  We appreciate your understanding.
Joseph Auto Sales is a Division of Joseph Auto Group. Joseph Auto Sales is in the transition to "UNCLE JOE'S" USED CARS....which features Cars4Kids, helping the new driver get their first car. Uncle Joe's offers a 12 month 12, 000 mile warranty on 99% of all the cars they sell. The only cars without a warranty are ones sold as "wholesale" or "title only". Uncle Joe's also offers a great LPP, Lemon Protection Plan. If the car turns out to be the almighty Lemon, you can return the car, pick out a new car and start all over. No cash refunds but a full credit refund towards a different car.  That protection is for a full year. Uncle Joe's is the beginning of a new network of "Cars4Kids" dealerships, owned and operated by various individuals. The company is funded on private investments. If you would like more information on becoming a dealer or a private investor, contact us at We will respond the day we get the message. Sincerely, Uncle Joe

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