Customer Testimonials for Joseph Auto Sales

Bob Cappiello - 2007 Honda Civic 4 Door

I thank you and the others for the pleasure of dealing with you Joe and the stories about your family. I searched a while to locate you so I could deal with someone who had integrity in this business. The experience has been worth the wait and we will not be strangers! It was good to see you again and best of luck with Cars for Kids. Hope that segment of the market is healthy and fulfilling for you and Cheryl. I'll push my son Mark and Allysa toward "Uncle Joe"s" for her first car. Take care. Thanks again. Bob and Judy.

Susan Taylor - 2008 Mercury Mountaineer

Well, I heard it but did not believe it, everyone told me with my small down payment and my old car, I would not be able to get a nice car and a low payment, well, that was not until I talked with Ole Uncle Joe, and he is OLD...just kidding Joe, l.o.l. Thanks for the great deal and a super reasonable payment!!! And thanks to you too Dave for all you did Sue

Ashley and Ed - 2010 Ford Focus

We are so glad to find a dealer that "fights" to get help for their customers. We had a really tight budget....just had our trade as a down payment....then Dave and Uncle Joe worked with us, got us more for our trade and we came up with a little cash...and BINGO....we got a beautiful 2010 the car love the deal and love the dealer....would recommend this dealership to anyone!!!

Kaitlin Spencer - 2012 Ford Focus

Well, this is the second car our family has bought at Joseph (now Uncle Joe's) and it is nice to see the owners actively involved.....ole Uncle Joe came to the desk and told us a few good things about our financing and Aunt Cheryl actually did the paper work. WOW.....the owners actually taking time to help us get what we wanted. Thanks to you all....Kaitlin

annomonus - 2003 Pontiac Aztek

Well....I wanted my picture on here as dad says when I get to be 16 and get my drivers license I get to see Uncle Joe and get a car....but.....there are some conditions.....he says I have to get good grades in school....sounds like a fair trade to me.....

The Mosely Family - 2003 Pontiac Aztek

This is the second car we got from Joseph.....Dave helped us with Both cars....the payments were made affordable and trust us, they will work with people to help them get a good car....."we'll be back".....thanks....

Ashlyn - 2008 Kia Sportage

WOW.....I actually got to talk with Uncle Joe himself...he helped me over the internet then when I went into the store Dave gave him a hand...I guess he (Uncle Joe) talks to a lot a people (young people that is) and helps them get cars...I love my new Kia....leather loaded...and in great shape....Thanks to the staff at Uncle Joe's in Howell

Chrystal Martin - 2007 Mercury Milan

Well, I have to say, this was painless. Some paper work, but, I really got the car I wanted and it was made affordable. The dealer and my sales person Dave worked with the budget I had and everything worked. The thing I like about Ole Uncle Joe is he gives everyone a 12 month 12,000 Warranty....Great Job....

Karen Esper and Her Daughter - 2005 Ford Fusion

It was nice to have one dealer with so many Cars4Kids.....all good prices and all clean cars with warranties

Brooke Underwood - 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt

Here is what happened....I called this store, in a frantic voice, I said, I really need some mom and dad won't co-sign, I don't have any established credit and I can't find anyone to co-sign and my car is falling apart...and I don't have a co-signer....on the other end of the phone there was silence....then this voice of an old man said "you are talking to your co-signer".....lets pick out a car....THANK YOU UNCLE JOE!!!!

Son of Mr. Brian Sturgess - 2003 Dodge Stratus you think I am happy about getting this great car from Uncle Joe???

Steve Schlaack - 2003 Mercury Mountaineer

I looked all over to find a dealer to help me find the truck I wanted....everyone tried to push me into something I did not want...when I went to Uncle Joe's in Howell, they let me pick the truck I wanted then helped me finance it without any payments are reasonable and I got the truck I wanted. Steve....

Marty Brian - 2010 Mercury Mariner

I bought two cars from a local Ford Dealer in the town east of Joseph. Both cars would not pull my trailer or haul my Kayak. Instead of taking a big loss, Uncle Joe helped me get another (the third one) from the same dealer and helped me do it without losing any money. It took a while, but, it all worked out in the end. Thanks to Uncle Joe's and the Ford Dealer I now have a great new car perfect for what I wanted. And Uncle Joe gave me the warranty. Many thanks to an honest dealer.

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