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Joseph Auto Sales is now "Uncle Joe's Used Cars". At one time we owned five dealerships, of which three were NEW car stores. We refused to sell our cars for the high prices the factory wanted so the factory closed the stores when GM went broke. I guess our modest profit just wasn't enough for the folks at the lending source for GM...Anyway....we wanted to stay in the used car business so we did our research and found a market for Cars4Kids. We specialize in helping kids get their first car….these cars all come with a warranty for a full year and they all come with the LPP (Lemon Protection Plan) which is also good for a full year. There is not a dealer in the entire USA that stands behind their cars for a full year!!! No one. We have the right sources for help with financing so there is no need for anyone to be abused and have to pay a high payment. We give people low payments so they are easy to make and our terms are short so you can trade up and down every two years or so.

Uncle Joe’s is the beginning of a network of stores financed with private capital and owned and operated by people that know how to sell cars. If you are interested in becoming an investor or an operator, simply contact us at WeDealOnCars@Gmail.com

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